AngloWise Translations is the right place for a flawless and flowing translation from English into Dutch or vice versa. My clients are diverse, varying from commercial companies to educational institutions or the cultural sector. 
Making a good translation is often a puzzle. I can grasp the essence of a text quickly and find creative solutions for translation problems. When translating, I take cultural differences into account as well. The result is a sound translation that does the job for my client. 
For Dutch-English translations, clients have the choice between British English and American English. There are differences in spelling, vocabulary and idiom. 
I will do research on the context of a translation as appropriate, or present the client with several translation options, in order to fine-tune the translation and keep the nuances intact. 



Sometimes a text or an existing translation could use some improvement. I also offer editing and rewriting services. My experience as an editor, both with Dutch and English texts, can help you to enhance the quality of your texts. 

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