various projects


AngloWise Translations has clients in various sectors and industries. In the past couple of years, I have translated texts for a range of clients in film and television production, education, IT and the legal profession.
Some examples of translations that I have edited or translated: 

  • The synopsis of eight episodes of a TV series for a streaming service. 
  • Texts for a film adaptation of a children’s book, an international coproduction. 
  • A film pitch for a film fund application. 
  • A marketing brochure for an international media company. 
  • A website and marketing texts for an IT company. 
  • Texts for a webinar related to working from home during the Covid pandemic. 
  • A report of the Dutch Inspectorate of Education for an international school. 
  • A human resources brochure about Dutch tax regulations. 
  • General terms and conditions for a coaching firm. 
  • A statement in international arbitration proceedings. 
  • A policy report in the field of cybersecurity. 

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